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Still Visuals - Process

1080p or 4K Quality.

What is required?

  • 3D CAD model (Via datasmith).

  • 2D Drawings for layout purposes (plans, sections, elevations and landscape).

  • Location (address, photos of the site).

  • Materials and furniture schedule.

  • References

  • Special notes or requirements.

In the first step of my Still Visual service, I use Datasmith to efficiently import architectural designs into Unreal Engine, our go-to for photorealistic rendering. This process significantly speeds up how I turn your designs into stunning visuals, by simplifying the transition from design software to our rendering platform. It's a game-changer in reducing production times while ensuring the final images maintain the highest quality. Essentially, Datasmith allows me to deliver impressive visuals quicker, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and on time.

Stage 1: Datasmith

In stages 2 and 3, I focus on white render and composition, setting the stage for perfect camera setups and the exploration of light and shadow, all without the complexity of textures and materials. This phase lets me adjust camera angles and lighting to ensure they highlight the project’s strengths and align with your vision. Think of it as drafting the scene’s blueprint before adding colour and detail. This step not only refines the visual narrative but also streamlines the later introduction of textures and materials, enhancing the final images' realism and impact.

Stage 2 & 3: White render and composition.

In stages 4 and 5, I perfect your project with high-res rendering, incorporating your feedback for adjustments, all the way to the final render. This crucial phase is deeply aligned with your vision, driven by storytelling as defined in your brief. By leveraging advanced AI technology, I push the boundaries of photorealism further, enhancing every visual detail. This ensures that textures, lighting, and nuances are not just seen but deeply felt. The combination of your vision, my expertise, and AI capabilities culminates in delivering final images that capture the essence and emotion of your design, creating impactful and resonant visuals.

Stage 4 & 5: High res render, comments, adjutsments and final render.
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