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At Novella Visual, our vision centres on delivering a cinematic and story-driven visualisation process that places clients directly into the scene, forging a deep connection with the space. As a freelancer operating under the Novella Visual banner, I distinguish my approach by carefully creating links between the client, their project, and the envisioned outcome through visually stunning visuals, immersive VR, captivating cinematic videos, and interactive spaces. My process begins with an in-depth understanding of the client's (the Architect's client) interests and ideas, from which I develop themes and plot scenarios that breathe life into architectural visions. By weaving narrative depth with the latest technology, I do more than just visualise spaces; I evoke emotions and tell stories that resonate, providing an unparalleled experience in architectural visualisation.

Hello, I'm Kristian, Director of Novella Visual Limited. Armed with a Master's degree in Interior Architecture & Design, my passion lies in transforming spaces into immersive experiences. Proud recipient of the University of Hertfordshire Design Award 2022 for Metaverse Design, I've been recognized as a featured talent on Parametric Architecture for my innovative work in Metaverse Design utilizing Unreal Engine. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural visualization, I lead Novella Visual in crafting compelling, interactive narratives that redefine the way we experience design.



Since October 2023, we have engaged Novella Visual to elevate our visual offerings to clients. Our collaboration has been transformative, exploring a range of mediums from 2D renders and cinematic videos to immersive VR experiences. Together, we revisited our old projects, bringing them to life in novel and dynamic ways.


This partnership has been a journey of refinement and innovation. Through our feedback loops and design team sessions, Novella Visual has adeptly tailored their skills to our unique needs and vision. Their flexibility and eagerness to learn have been instrumental in producing visualisations that not only meet but often exceed client expectations.


We are proud to collaborate with Novella Visual and are excited by the potential of what our continued partnership will bring. Their commitment to our projects and receptiveness to our direction have been key to achieving the high-quality results that we strive to offer our clients.

Joe Stuart

Founder of Warehome

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